Founded in 2010, HYY is a new design, innovation firm developing steadily with a team of experienced designers from Germany and China, numerous classic works have been created through perfect combination of the elements from these two different cultures.

Our company is located in Nanxiang, an ancient town in Shanghai. The cultural accumulation for more than one thousand years, as well as the quiet and elegant environment, makes here an ideal place for designers to meet inspirations.

As a creative team, in our view, a design project is not just a work to complete, but a game to pursue for perfection. We are definitely ready to meet the challenges, and do enjoy the honor and the sense of achievement when our works has been perfectly recognized by our client.

We try our best to strive for perfection and never stop at ninety-nine points if we can score one hundred.

Design and innovation is not only about a work for living to us, what's more, it is a career platform to demonstrate our value. That’s the foundation of us to exist and advance.

Most of HYY’s clients are from Europe, with their business ranging from Compressor, Automobile industry, Automotion industry, Trading, Chemical industry, Food processing to Furniture making, etc.

No matter you are a newcomer or a mature enterprise to China, HYY will guarantee you a solution suitable for every stage of your development in this market quite different from the rest of the world.

Scope of our service: graphic design, typesetting/printing, planning/implementing of exhibition, event and road show, website design and development, E-marketing management, translation, photo-videography...etc.


Excellent Designs won’t come out from nothing, every great idea has its own story and spirit. Our mission is to listen and understand your story, transform it into glorious creation, and tell your legend to the audience.

We pay close attention to every single detail, from an initial spark of inspiration to the final presentation of a completed product, just for a perfect work with the highest quality.

We integrate art with business to enrich them with aesthetics and cultural meanings. We look into our customer’s demands and refine them with our design concept. What we offer is not just a single service, but a comprehensive marketing plan customized for you. We think in your shoes to support you solve the bothering problems with the supreme cost performance.

We build bridges between cultural gaps. Our team with an international background enables us to fully understand our client’s demand and the product features. We also give due consideration to the culture and customs of local audiences, so as to spread the essence of different cultures in the most appropriate way.

Whatever you want, HYY will leave no efforts to deliver you the highest quality service, from designing and printing of a small card to planning and implementing of a complex exhibition. We have a grand vision to handle the overall situation to help our clients fulfill their requirement, and we are conscientious in every detail of our work to deliver exquisite end products.



A brilliant graphic project with unique ideas can not only upgrade your enterprise image and attract more eyes, but also impel the communication with your clients.

How to stand out from the competition with low cost?
How to make people feel impressive at their first glance?
How to build more opportunities to talk with potential clients?

Stop worrying, HYY will do all of this for you.

With the profound understanding on acceptance and cognitive habits of audiences, we can not only support mature enterprises open the Chinese market with refined, localized design concept, but also can help the emerging enterprises promote their brand-new images with our graphic works.

Our graphic design services include: logo design, visual identity development, corporate design, icons and all kinds of prints, such as:

  • - foldout
  • - brochures
  • - catalogs
  • - magazines
  • - posters
  • - invitations
  • - packages
  • - etc.

Exhibition & Event

To introduce a brand into China, the world’s largest market, exhibitions will be one of the most important promotional strategies.

Our Exhibition-related services include:

  • - consulting and communicating with organizers
  • - booth booking, designing and building
  • - preparing and implementing of promotional activities
  • - designing, realizing of printed matter and gifts
  • - recruiting, training ritual staff and interpreters
  • - video & photo shooting service

Our services for exhibitions and road shows are available in all the major cities across China.

We have successfully participated into a number of large exhibitions, like:

Auto Shanghai Show, China Fire (Beijing), International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (Beijing), International Exhibition on Gases Technology, Equipment and Application (Nanjing), etc. All of the clients we serve highly evaluate our efforts delivered in these exhibitions.

In addition, we also provide services for planning and implementing of road shows with high quality entertainment performances.

We take care of every single step in entire development of an exhibition project, just to make your business stand out as the distinguished one with the elaborate booth and services of HYY.


A website with graceful layout and clear interface will be an ideal platform for a corporate to display its image, products, and thus attract more clients.

We offer the unique website featuring characters of the enterprise and its products, as well as the client’s requirements. From main web structure to singel photo editing, we care every step!

Every website we present is distinguished that people can be easily touched by a quick glance.

In addition to the aesthetic and functionality, we attach great importance to communication with our client during the website development. We define the content, style, structure and function of the website accurately through the comprehensive conversations with our client.

During the realization progress, we will provide static and dynamic layouts for demonstration and then constantly improve the website with feedbacks, so as to complete the work with the greatest satisfaction of our clients.

For smooth operation of the website and to present the newest products of enterprise, we provide following-up services according to customer demand. This includes:

- Domain and Hosting purchase
- maintenance
- content regular updating
- redesign
- search engine optimizing
- translation
- animation film making


Professional translation:
paraphrasing with precision and fluency.
german - chinese - german
english - chinese - english


Professional photography and videography:

high-quality pictures and videos are absolutely necessary in any kinds of market promotion. They are essential elements to attract audiences and give bonus to points the image of a corporate. Our skilled professional photographers provide you with satisfying photo and video services.

E-marketing management:

We provide integrated and efficient solutions of sales leads and database marketing for clients in different sectors.




Exhibition & Event



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